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  • Shayah Muller

Office Yoga, Without Leaving Your Desk!

We all know that sitting down for long stretches of time can wreck havoc on our health (sitting too much has been related to both high blood pressure and obesity), but if you lead an overall healthy lifestyle your main problem could be the fact that too much typing on the computer gives you a tight upper back, neck, shoulders, and hips.

Posture is super important when you’re doing office work, and to keep my body soft and happy throughout a work day I always make sure to pause for some office yoga.

Yes: office yoga!

There are stretches and poses you can do sitting in your office chair without even leaving your desk (no yoga mat or stretchy pants required) to help both your mind and body feel good throughout the day. I also suggest going outside on your beaks to stretch your legs and get some fresh air, no matter the weather!

These four postures are designed to create space in the neck, shoulders, hips and hamstrings - all without breaking a sweat! You can do these exercises in your office clothes, but take off your high heals if you can and any tight jacket that might decrease your range of motion.

These are only four simple postures but there are many more you can incorporate into the office. Have fun with it!

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