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  • Shayah Muller

New Year Intentions

Are you making a new year resolution? I've been pondering this concept and I prefer the idea of setting intentions rather than a resolution. Take a moment to ask yourself, what do you really want to manifest? What do you want the new year to embody for you? Be selfish. Make it about you. Put some thought into it and get specific. Dig deep!

To do this, I like to take a look back over the past year. What were your biggest challenges and what challenges are you still sitting with right now? Use these challenges from the past year to create your intentions for the New Year. Where is there space for you to learn and evolve and grow? Where is there space for you to heal? If there’s something that came to mind but you feel resistance to it, that’s probably a sign that there’s room for growth. Ponder this for a while and journal on it. Move into feeling and emotion. How can you open and release?

Once you have an intention or a few that you want to focus on, begin to ask yourself why. Why is this important to you? Why is this something you want to work on? The reason why is just as important as the intention itself, if not more so. For example, if you want to lose 10 pounds because you want to LOOK a certain way or IMPRESS someone, this has a whole different vibe than losing weight to FEEL better and BE healthier. Another example, if you want to “forgive” someone just so that they will disappear and leave you alone, opposed to truly forgiving them so that you can heal your relationship and/or learn something valuable from the experience. Totally different vibe, right? By digging into the why we are moving into the heart. Creating space to heal. So really ask yourself why. Why is this important to you and what is the reason for setting these intentions?

Take some time to write down your New Year intentions and meditate on it. Hold it in your hands close to your chest while you breathe and allow space for it in your heart. Make sure to keep it somewhere safe, checking in whenever you feel that you need a reminder. And ask yourself how can you form action steps that will encourage you to prosper in your intentions? This can change throughout the year as we progress but the work is ongoing and is meant to be meaningful, deeply sacred and rewarding.

So thank you for taking time to dig deep and find an intention that really resonates with you. I hope you can find some healing space and success waiting in the new year :)

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