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Dairy Milk vs Nut Milk

Dairy Milk vs Nut Milk - Which do you prefer?

I find most people who are avoiding or reducing dairy products are looking for improved digestion, relief from bloating and clearer skin! It's important to remember that everyone is different, so you might not personally experience any symptoms from consuming milk or milk based products, or you could simply not realize you have symptoms because you’ve never taken a break from dairy!

1. For some people (and it's becoming more and more common) dairy milk itself is a hard food to digest. Those who suffer from indigestion; cutting back the amount of milk/diary products you consume can improve digestive problems, reduce bloating and prevent mucus formation in the gut and lungs. A few plant based substitutions for milk that don't cause digestive problems are almond, hemp and rice milk etc.

2. Myth: Milk free diets can lead to Calcium deficiency. There are plenty of sources of plant based calcium and other key nutrients found in milk, also plant based calcium is easier for your body to absorb than animal based calcium. Adding some of these foods with each of your daily meals will ensure you are hitting required nutritional needs! Supplement when necessary.

3. Nut milk has less calories than cows milk and no hormones! If your goal is weight loss, then substituting cows milk for a plant based milk in your daily routine helps decrease those overall calories for the day, contributing you your weight loss and you’ll cut out the growth hormones found in cows milk.

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