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Easy Sprouting

I absolutely LOVE sprouts! They are super nutritious, delicious and a live food meaning they are bursting with active enzymes.

Sprouts are a great source of amino acids (protein). They are packed with vitamins A, B complex, D and E. They also contain high amounts of zinc, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus. Sprouts are also rich in chlorophyll, which helps build blood supply, revitalizing tissue, calming inflammation, activating enzymes and deodorizing the body, and they are a natural expectorant for chest congestion.

The best part is they are so easy to grow at home! You can sprout beans, legumes, grains, grass and microgreens. The time needed differs between what you are sprouting, so do some research before you get started. I have been sprouting alfalfa seeds lately and there are so many great ways to use them. You can eat them alone, use them as a topping on a soup or salad, add them to your smoothie, put them in wraps or burritos, on sandwiches, add them into a stir-fry, anything!

Mung sprouts almost done!
Mung sprouts starting

This is what you will need to get started:

  • 2 tbsp of sprouting seeds (I like alfalfa or mung bean)

  • A 16 oz mason jar with the ring (no need for the cover)

  • Netting or a fine screen of any kind (if you don't have a screen you can also buy sprouting lids for mason jars - photo below)

Place the seeds in the jar and fill the mason up with 1/5 of water. Place the netting over the opening of the jar and screw the ring on over it tightly.

Let sit overnight.

The next morning, drain the water, rinse the seeds, drain again and place the mason jar sitting on it's side. The location should be bright but out of direct sunlight.

Rinse 2-3 times every day, and within a day or two you should be able to see little openings in the seeds! They will begin to sprout and fill up the entire jar. It will take 5-6 days for the sprouts to be ready; they should be wild and curly and green and gorgeous!

Rinse one last time, drain well and dry a bit (a salad spinner works well) – this will make them last longer. Store in a plastic bag or sealed container in the fridge and enjoy all week long.

Happy sprouting!

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