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  • Shayah Muller

The Importance of WATER

W A T E R is the most important and abundant substance both on earth and in the body. An adult body is made up of at LEAST 60% water, which is necessary for all bodily functions. As more and more research is being conducted, our drinking water has become an area of concern. Many tests have shown that tap water is not a reliable source of drinking water. City tap water has come to be considered an unnatural substance containing potentially hazardous additives and pollutants. The three main pollutants in our city tap water are Radon (radioactive gas), Nitrates (pesticides from farm runoff), and Lead (from corrosion of pipes), not to mention fluoride, mercury, arsenic, and trace amounts of blood!

It is important for us to consume water, but also important for us to consume CLEAN water that is rich in mineral content. The best filtered water to drink is R.O. water (reverse osmosis) and/or carbon filtered water with a solid carbon block. Examples of these would be Culligan water and/or a Brita filter system.

HOW MUCH water should you be consuming?? This can vary widely from person to person depending on your activity level, height, weight, diet, and your current health status. That being said, the average person should consume at LEAST 12 cups of water per day. 8-9 cups should be clean water in it's liquid form, and the other 3-4 cups can be consumed through the foods you eat. Keep in mind that if you are drinking too much sugary liquids (i.e. pop, juice, coffee) your body will go into HYPEROSMOTIC state from time to time which is a way to deal with dehydration. That's right, those sugary drinks will dehydrate you. They are diuretics, meaning your body will need to pull water away from other areas, such as your organs, to help digest and dilute the sugar intake, meaning you'll need to drink twice as much water after drinking a can of pop! It's a vicious cycle.

Dehydration is linked to many health issues and symptoms can range from mild to life threatening. You may not even notice side effects of dehydration until years down the road.

Why not just hydrate your body the way nature intended? With clean mineral rich water.

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