When I first began practicing yoga in 2010 I was overwhelmingly drawn to the beauty and elegance of the physical practice. Over time I began to realize there was more to yoga than simply moving your body on a mat and I was eager to learn more. In 2015 I decided to embark on a journey to India to complete my first yoga teacher training program and expand my knowledge of a yogic lifestyle. I quickly became fully immersed in the culture and philosophy of yoga and thrown into the beautiful balance of movement and stillness (as well as honking horns, cows, and no personal space). 


In India, yoga is a sacred practice which incorporates all eight limbs of the philosophy, opposed to westernized countries where we primarily focus on the physical aspects of yoga only. I began to understand and see how beautiful and therapeutic the lesser known limbs of yoga can be and realized the need for them at home in Canada with all of our chronic lifestyle diseases. I wanted to not only bring these teachings home for myself, but share them with others. I now see every day as an opportunity to put these lessons into practice, to live more mindfully, consciously, fearlessly, and healthily. 

Since then I have taken a number of yoga and meditation teacher trainings and have practiced with hundreds of people around the world. Many students come to me with hopes of learning inversions, but soon realize that the heart of the practice and the real growth comes not from the movement but from the stillness and wisdom that already exists within.

I graduated from the Natural Nutrition diploma program with the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (CSNN) in 2018.  Holistic nutrition is a part of my journey that I have discovered through yoga and in learning how to nurture myself by setting boundaries but without being too restrictive. I have finally learned what it means to "eat intuitively" and I love when my clients reach this point in their wellness journey. 


 After a lifetime of being fed this and that and being told what's good and what's not... It can be tricky to find peace with your diet. I mainly occupy a whole foods plant based diet and keep the 80/20 rule in mind - eating 80% for health and 20% for soul. I'm constantly figuring out what brings me more joy, eating an extra piece of chocolate (or a few) or keeping my discipline. Sometimes it's one, and sometimes the other. Our physical body should be cared for and nourished but not kept in a cage - there's a big difference!

I help people just like you find balance between:  the food you eat,  the work you do,  the way you move your body, the people you spend time with, and aligning your values with how you live your life. 


I truly believe that when we  FEEL BETTER (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually) we DO BETTER, making positive and lasting changes for ourselves, our communities, and ultimately the planet.

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